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Crack and Joint Sealing Material

Crafco Crack and Joint Sealing Material

Crack Sealing will stave off Repaving for 5 to 10 Years. 
It is still the Least Expensive way to Repair Pavement.
PA Liquid Fuels covers it.

Crafco Crack and Joint Sealing Products

Specification Sheets


Safety Data Sheets Brochures
34202 Parking Lot Sealant Application SDS Parking Lot
34211 Roadsaver Sealant ditto ditto
34221 Roadsaver Sealant ditto ditto
34232 Asphalt Rubber Type 2 ditto ditto
34518 Polyflex II ditto ditto
34532 Superflex Sealant



33900/1 Qwikseal


Crack Sealing Tape

34681 Detack


Detack and Detack

Backer Rod


Silicone Sealants

Application SDS

Silicone Brochure

Sealant Usage Calculator
PLEXI-melt Meltable Packaging Available
Crafco also offers Patching Products for making Larger Repairs in Asphalt and Concrete
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When budgets are tight... the time to crack seal is right !