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Crafco Crack Sealing Equipment Rentals
Crack Sealing will stave off repaving for 5 to 10 years. It is still the least expensive way to repair roads.
PA Liquid Fuels funding covers it.

Air-Vac's Rental Fleet serves Municipalities, Contractors, and State Agencies throughout western Pennsylvania.
Our rental units can be found from Erie to Waynesburg, Bradford to Bedford, and all points in between.
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Crafco Crack Sealing Machines For Rent

Super Shot Brochure
Demos Available

Late Model Crafco 125DC Super Shot Melters, 125 Gallon Material Tanks.
Diesel Powered, Double Jacketed, Modern Tar Kettles with Electrically Heated Hoses and Wands.

Quick Heating Melter is ready in 40-45 minutes. Shut-down takes only Seconds. On-board Compressor preps the cracks for a good bond.  

Jobsite Delivery and Pick-Up of Machines and Crafco Crack Sealing Material. 
Weekly and Monthly Rentals.

Crafco Pavement Patching Machines For Rent

Crafco Patcher II
Patcher II Brochure

Crafco's Patcher II is for Jobs Too Big for Crack Sealing.
It uses
PolyPatch Material for Asphalt Repair and TechCrete Material for Concrete Repair.

Jobsite Delivery and Pick-Up of Machines and Crafco Patching Material.
Weekly and Monthly Rentals

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When budgets are tight... the time to crack seal is right !