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Crafco Matrix 501 for Bridge Joints

Check out the new way to handle Bridge Joints !

 Crafco Matrix 501, the Bridge Joint in a Box

Bridge Joint in a Box

The Crafco Matrix 501 Asphaltic Plug Bridge Joint System


The Crafco Matrix 501 Asphaltic Plug Bridge Joint System is a pre-measured hot-applied bridge expansion joint system composed of a uniquely formulated polymer modified asphalt binder and select aggregate. 

Simply level the material and allow to cool. No compaction is required. The Crafco Matrix 501 joint can be used for expansion, fixed end, and pressure relief joints, in both new construction or rehabilitation projects. 

Crafco Matrix 501 can be installed on skews up to 30 degrees (up to 45 degrees for low traffic pavements). Crafco Matrix 501 joints are low cost, quick, and easy to install and maintain. The Crafco Matrix 501 joint meets the requirements of ASTM D6297, Standard Specification for Asphaltic Plug Joints for Bridges.


Pre Mixed Bridge Joint in a Box
Lowers Maintenance Costs
Less Equipment Required
No Compaction Required
No Measuring Required
Less Labor Required
Easy Installation
Stays Flexible
Smooth Ride
Water Tight

Matrix 501 Specifications

Matrix 501 Application
Matrix 501 SDS

Improve, maintain and waterproof bridge decks the modern way
Go from tending rows of mixers, torches, melters, wheel barrows, tampers, and rollers to this:

Crafco Matrix 501 applied with a Crafco Patcher II


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