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Brand New Crafco Super Sealcoaters

Crafco Super Sealcoater

Standard Features
10 Gauge Steel Tank, Air Compressor, Swivel Hose Reel, Brush Box

Variable Speed Hydraulic Agitation System
6 Paddle Agitator with Rubber Wipers

Electric Brakes

Available as 500 Gallon Trailer Mount or 800 Gallon Trailer or Skid Mount

Optional Features

Automatic or Manual 8 Foot Spray Bars
Operator Spray Bar Seat 

35 Gallon Water Tank Assembly

Brochures and Specification Sheets
  Super Sealcoater Brochure  
  Super Sealcoater Flyer  
  Parking Lot Sealant  
Super Sealcoater 800 (Gallon) Spec Sheet Super Sealcoater 550 (Gallon) Spec Sheet
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When budgets are tight... the time to crack seal is right !